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. >>> four new york journalistst held in libya have been released. the u.s. says it expects to turn control of the libyan military mission over to the french or the british in just a matter of days. this after several days of pounding by coalition forces in the air and on the sea. a top france official said it's likely to be a long one. we have a live report from washington on where the united states stand this morning, coming up. >>> more smoke seen at that damaged nuclear power plant. >> more smoke came from the reactor. officials say it probably killed more than 18,000 people. the world bank says it could take five years to rebuild and cost $235 billion. you can support disaster relief efforts. text the red cross to donate $10. >>> the barry bonds trial, we've been talking about it for years now starts in just a few hours. ann is in san francisco where jury selection is the first step. finally getting it going. good morning, ann. >> reporter: that's right. jury selection will be at 8:30 this morning. dozens of them filled out questionnaires and this morning they will be selected. as far
>> i'm sydnie kohara. the u.s. sending airplanes to japan for americans who want to get out of the country. the fukushima nuclear complex in danger of a meltdown. let's go to charlie d'agata in japan. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: we are trying to make our way towards the quake zone. the japanese military has taken over control of the highways for humanitarian aid. we are going to try to get as close as we can. we're cutting through the mountains, you can see the snow, while trying to avoid at all costs getting near the nuclear power plant. >>> reporter: military helicopters launched an all-out water assault on japan's crippled nuclear power plant in a desperate attempt to buy more time. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best options many experts say to cool dangerously hot reactor and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> we believe that radiation levels are extremely high which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> reporter: the biggest worry is reactor 4. wednesday u.s. officials warned the u
'agata, cbs 5. the u.s. navy has established a heightened awareness of 100 nautical miles around the stricken nuclear power plant. any pilots flying missions there will have to take potassium iodide and be screened for radiation when it they return. live in niigata, japan, i'm charlie d'agata, back to you >> charlie, frank mallicoat here in san francisco. curious, how far are you now from the epicenter of sendai? and can you share some of the stories you have heard from some of the refugees behind you? how are they doing? >> reporter: yes. we're about 80 miles i would say west o sendai and fukushima dai-ichi is in the other direction. most of the people here are from the fukushima area and i think we have to remember that the region where the power plant is was already struck by an earthquake and tsunami that damaged the power plant itself. so they were affected by the earthquake. they survived the earthquake. they survived the tsunami. some of the people we spoke to lived within 10 miles of the fukushima plant. one woman with a child, she is nine months pregnant, 2-year- old child, she wasn'
. >>> breaking news in st. louis, missouri. right now, these are live pictures where we understand that two u.s. marshals, two federal marshals and a police officer, a st. louis police officer have been shot. we understand this happened during a gunfight that the officers were trying to make an arrest just before 5:00 our time. no word on the condition of the marshals. the police officer, we understand, suffered a grave wound. he had a bullet-resistant vest on and he apparently was injured when he fell after being shot. a suspect has also been shot. police say they have a hostage -- or standoff situation. the city s.w.a.t. team has come into the area, but again, we are looking at a situation where two u.s. marshals and a st. louis police officer have been shot. no word on the condition of those u.s. marshals. we will continue to follow this story as it develops in st. louis. >>> 6:23. drama of a different kind. charlie sheen the battle he will have in court today. coming up. >> plus, if you want a happier life maybe you should move. we'll tell you where california ranks among the happiest state
the evacuees returned to the u.s. military personnel will help them get settled finding hotels or helping them to travel to their final destinations. when the u.s. defense department authorized the voluntary departure program last week, about 9,000 people expressed interest so this week as a result at least 20 charter flights will be bringing military families home from japan and given the earthquake and tsunami and radiation damage from the power plants in japan it's not known when or if the families will go back to japan. but some hundreds of them will be expected to arrive here at travis air force base. the expected time is 6:05. really could be anytime so we are looking for that dc-10 to arrive here. frank? >> well, it sounds like a lot of activity there. we'll check in again, sharon. thank you very much. live at travis air force base this morning. >>> a police manhunt this morning for a driver who allegedly tried to kidnap a peninsula teenager. redwood city police say a suspect pulled into a driveway in the 100 block of arch street yesterday and and told the 14- year-old to get into the
is opening investigations into libya. two u.s. warships are on the way to libya at this hour. >>> a new surgical implant is giving home to people who have lost their sight. >> a palo alto man is one of the first people to test out this new procedure. dean lloyd is his name. he had functional vision until he was in his 30s. he went blind though in just six months from an eye disease. that is until he volunteered for a clinical trial that surgically implanted an artificial eye. well, today, lloyd can make out shapes and tell light from dark. >> he just all of a sudden exclaimed, i can see her hand! i just was kind of speechless. >> the procedure has just been approved in europe and is currently awaiting fda approval. the implant will cost about $100,000. and that's not including surgery. dr. jennifer ashton will discuss where this medical technology stands. she will be on the "cbs early show" starting at 7:00. >> cool if you have never been able to see and all of a sudden -- >> amazing. >>> it is 6:27. students and teachers set to support the governor's tax cut today to save education fun
with supplies as well as that humanoid robot. i hope it cleans up after itself. >>> 6:11. the u.s. has moved naval and air forces closer to libya as fighting continues between anti- government rebels and forces loyal to their leader moammar qaddafi. here's someamateur video showing rebels holding off qaddafi supporters in two cities overnight. qaddafi has lost control of the eastern half of the country but in an interview with abc news, he insists he is not stepping down. >> me people all love me. they would die to protect me, my people. >> when he can laugh in talking to american and international journalists while he is slaughtering his own people, it only under scores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality. >> the u.s. and europe have already frozen billions of dollars in libyan assets. >>> and a revolt in libya is calling attention to the profitable relationship several big name stars had with the qaddafi family. singer nelly furtado says she will donate the million dollars she was paid for performing for the qaddafi family back in 2007. and according to rolling
are calling for a no-fly zone over parts of libya but the obama administration says the u.s. cannot rush into a move so severe. >>> in the bay area, undercover officers are in the hot seat after a drug bust at a residential hotel in san francisco. some of them are even accused of perjury. surveillance video has been released of two incidents in the henry hotel. they happened on the fifth floor hallway. in fact first video the public defender says the cops just barged in without permission. he claims the officers also misrepresented that search in police reports. >> we are talking about violations of constitutional rights. and officers who lied about violating these rights. >> in the second video, the officers entered that hallway and a policeman puts his hand over the camera. the woman at the door claims she was coerced into letting them inside while the camera was blocked. both the d.a. and the police chief have launched investigates. >>> a bay area teacher is on paid leave this morning after one of his students made a frantic 911 call. listen. >> throwing things and also a table and sc
an hour. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >>> thank you. moammar qaddafi's son in the u.s.? the internship he recently had in california. and his visit to the bay area. >>> plus, some new details emerging about the bomb in a newspaper. the hidden items that investigators also found. >> the view is spectacular, 360 degrees. >> you won't find this on ebay. the asking price for red rock island and why the owner wants to sell. >> we are staying on top of breaking news, a fire in newark. we have a crew on the way and we'll have a live report coming up in short order. ,,,, ♪ have a good daisy ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy with a natural treat ♪ ♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪ ♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy ♪ that airline is gonna nail that frequent flyer with
. >>> 6:05. the transfer of now libya today and how the u.s. could get rebels more fire power in their fight against moammar qaddafi. >> plus, a california snowboarder buried alive. his desperate call for help all captured on cell phone video. >> and what's in a name? one group wants to give san francisco's tenderloin a makeover. the beefy debate over what they want to rename it when we come back. ,, switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> we have been waiting for a day like today. a lot of sunshine all around the bay area. 70s and 80s by the afternoon, warmer tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. >>> today nato is taking over full control of the military operation in libya. the u.s. stepping up its assault on libyan targets. 22 cruise missiles have been fired at weapons storage sites around tripoli yesterday and today. president obama is now considering whether the u.s. should provide weapons to the rebels. on the "cbs early show" this m
to take the stand. a chemist for the u.s. anti- doping agency told jurors yesterday that bonds has exhibited head and foot swelling which is consistent with using human growth hormone. bonds is accused of lying to the feds about knowingly taking steroids. >>> it is 6:20. france today declared libya's airspace under control after nato agreed to take over command of the operation there. as nato draws up plans and takes over in the coming days, the united states will take a step back now in its role to enforce that "no fly" zone. still u.s. warplanes will keep flying combat missions against ground forces loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. secretary of state hillary clinton says the operation has already met some accomplishments. >> a massacre in benghazi was prevented. qaddafi's air force and air defenses have been rendered largely ineffective. and the coalition is in control of the skies above libya. >> coalition warplanes struck qaddafi forces near the city of adjubai. the african union is meeting in ethiopia calling for a transitional government and elections in libya. >>> we
university in washington. white house says mr. obama will talk about what the u.s. policy in libya will be. critics from both parties are saying the president never asked congress for approval before taking military action and hasn't given them a clear plan yet. the president is expected to speak at 4:30 p.m. our time. we'll have coverage right here on cbs and continuing developments on libya on the cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:00. and, of course, at our website, >>> let's check weather and traffic. we'll start with julie watts. julie, good morning. a dry monday, certainly a welcome change. >> absolutely. we all have sunny dispositions this monday because we have sunshine on the way. we have some patchy fog, in fact visibility down to three- quarters of a mile in santa rosa. but elsewhere partly cloudy skies making way for more sunshine this afternoon. 47 pacifica right now, 49 oakland and 44 in concord. as we head into the afternoon hours, warming things up mid- 50s to mid-70s depending where you are. 65 fairfield and concord. later this week, we're talking 80s. first let's start
here to the west coast. u.s. environmental protection agency has announced it there deploy more electronic monitors that measure radiation in the air. however, the epa has not said where those monitors will be located or how many will be installed. right now, there are 12 monitors here in california, one of which is right here in san francisco. >>> you might be surprised where the biggest threat from a tsunami here is in the bay area. let's go to christin ayers. she is in oakland, where a big wave could mean some big problems for residents there. christin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. scientists are telling the "contra costa times" that the biggest threat from a tsunami would come after an earthquake in the southwest corner of alaska. they say it would send a massive tsunami that would hit right here at the port of oakland. it wetback four or five hours for that tsunami to get here and if we take a look at the maps from that study, you can see why oakland and alameda would be right smack in the middle of the most massive flooding. he they are in a perfect pos
. >>> and new air strikes in libya today from the u.s.- european coalition. this is from the city of tajura home to a libyan military base that's a little east of tripoli. it's day 6 of the coalition's attempt to protect government opponents and other civilians from forces that are loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. in addition, french air strikes hit a libyan air base today but a french military spokesman would not disclose the exact location. >>> 6:12. a major scare at one of the country's biggest airports. what cautioned so much confusion for two pilots trying to land. >> and who said trips to the dmv had to be painful? well, sometimes they are. but now they can be fast and convenient. tell you about that coming up. >>> and we are getting first reports of an accident on the san mateo bridge westbound at the toll plaza. details on that coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this morning: a san jo >>> welcome back, folks. 6:15 on a thursday. here's a look at our top stories. san jose football coach is suspected of sexually assaulting a member of his team. police arrested michael hagan last
on wall street. starting in a deep hole off economic news in the u.s. the dow lower by 190 points after the labor department reported that first time weekly jobless claims spiked higher by 26,000 last week to 397,000. that was a much bigger-than- expected increase, although with the four-week average at 392,000 below 400,000 that's still indicating an uptick in hiring. other piece of news not helping is the u.s. trade deficit. in january, it hit a six-month high of up 15% to $46.3 billion, exports out stripping imports from rising oil prices mainly. that was before oil prices skyrocketed in just the past few weeks with all of the unrest in the middle east. couple of other reasons for the market dropping this morning, coming from overseas. china turned in a surprising trade deficit in february of over $7 billion. and that's got some worries that that will lessen the incentive for china to loosen its currency against the dollar. that's something the white house has been pressing for. china less likely to do that if it's seeing that it's starting to lose money, it's also having to pay more
administration is talking about tapping the u.s. oil reserves opinions are mixed about what impact that would have on gas prices so we talked the drivers out here who said it sounds like a good idea, this truly is a last resort and something needs to be done because things just aren't affordable. >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering, only done and has been done on very rare occasions a bunch of factors that have to be looked at and it is just not the price. >> >> i am like i can't afford this. >> that is generally what we heard from drivers out here many saying that it is time to tap that strategic oil reserve. enough to keep the u.s. running on oil for 5 months without imparting any new oil. a very controversial position. >> it is getting scary i am pushing $60 to fill a honda now. that is no fun. kristin thanks. >>> heavy fighting in libya driving oil prices higher this morning. prices rose above $106 a barrel in asia today, forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi launched a new air strike against opposition forces. >>> 6:32 a.m. back in the bay area food vendors in
is closer than you think. where trace are showing up in the u.s. food supply. >> attention, san francisco home owners. why today's your last chance to save a few bucks on your home when sydnie and i come back. ,, switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. by himself.. barefoot.. in a parking lot. the boy is 2 or three years old. police found him in the parking rt on rosewood >>> a toddler found wandering by himself barefoot in a parking lot of a wal-mart in rosewood drive in pleasanton. we have just learned that the boy's mother called 911 a few minutes ago and said somehow that little boy got out of their apartment. they are expected to be reunited in a half hour. the little boy is okay. >> a happy mother there soon. >>> it is 6:12 now. ten american sailors are recovering after an accident during a training exercise off the southern california coast. they were hurt when the engine of a fighter jet exploded on the flight deck of the uss john c. stennis. four of the sailors ar
's tied for fourth on the u.s. survey's list of strongest earthquakes since 1900. let's go to christin ayers in hayward where people can find out what a major quake feels like. christin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. this is an earthquake simulator set up to look like an apartment. they call this the big shaker. and you can see why. this is what it's like to be in an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. as you can see, things falling off shelves, glasses, we have some of the larger appliances actually put down with putty and so stuck down and we also have them belted and strapped in there so they are not moving. but you can see just how strong this is and the people who are running this quake hold and emergency earthquake emergency preparedness center say that it's really important and in fact a wake-up call for bay area residents to realize just how powerful these quakes are, how quickly these can happen and how important it is to be prepared. so the message here, it could happen here, you need to not only be prepared with some of that putty, the belts to try and keep some of
qaddafi. last night he spoke to supporters in tripoli saying he is not afraid of the u.s.- european coalition efforts to enforce the no-fly zone. >>> our time now 6:08. we are getting reports from cbs news that actress elizabeth taylor has died. again, this is coming from cbs news. and we're expected to have a live report in just a few minutes. >>> we'll have the very latest on that plus it's day 3 of the barry bonds perjury trial. a setback prosecutors have already suffered in that case coming up. >>> and budget cuts targeting san jos firefighters. the new contract councilmembers just approved. ,,,,,,,, >>> elizabeth taylor mass died. she had been hospitalized after several years of poor health. bill whitaker takes a look bat at her life and lodge career. >> reporter: in a star struck age she was the ultimate celebrity. and the ultimate survivor. >> i have had addictions, weight problems, i almost died a couple of times. i have been pronounced dead. i read my own obituary. the best reviews i have ever had. >> reporter: they say movie acting is all in the eyes. hers were violent in
in the nation's capital. how the u.s. could decide whether to take action in libya. >> and gone in 60 seconds. a lamborghini stolen at a bay area dealership. why the thief still hasn't done the hardest part. coming up. >>> and we are off to a great start for this morning commute. here's live look at conditions on 280 heading out of downtown san jose. coming up, a check of mass transit after the break. ,,,, [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's two week tune up diet plan. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. national security advisers meet at the white house this morning. meanwhile, libyan leader muammar qaddafi has sent a top member of ment to cairo wi >>> what to do about libya. national security advisors are meting at the
explosion in three days. authorities say the blast didn't cause a massive radiation leak. still, u.s. warships and planes helping with relief efforts moved away from the area as a precaution. crews have been desperately trying to avoid a nuclear meltdown at the facility since it was damaged in friday's powerful earthquake. over the weekend, they dumped sea water into the reactors to try to cool them down. more than 180,000 residents were also evacuated and had to be scanned for radiation before entering shelters. across the northeast coast, more than 10,000 people are believed to be dead from the magnitude 9 quake and tsunami. dramatic new video captured violent waves that slammed ashore wiping out entire villages. since the massive earthquake three days ago, aftershocks continue to rattle the region. an average of 12 to 15 per hour, some more than 6.0 in magnitude. but there are stories of survival. crews rescued this 60-year-old man who was clinging to what was left of his roof. this man also made it out alive. "i thought i was dying when i was pushed into the water," he says. but
trips. and united and continental and u.s. airways did the same. this is the sixth time that those airlines have raised fares in the past month. and they're blaming it on rising fuel costs. >>> chrysler recalling a quarter million vehicles, to fix an ignition problem. the recall affects 2010 dodge grand caravan, town and country minivans and dodge journey crossovers. chrysler says the ignition key could move and cause the engine to shut off while driving. >>> it is 6:25 now. a very small insect is causing a very big problem. it is prompting the recall of tens of thousands of cars. the yellow sack spider seems to be partial to mazda 6. for some reason or another, it is the reason the company is now recalling 65,000 cars. the spider likes to crawl into an area near the fuel injection and then spin a web and lay eggs. that could cause a crash, leading to a gas spill and maybe even a fire. >> as soon as they put their nest or their web in there, the system thinks that it is sealed. and it actually needs to vent. so where it needs to vent to atmosphere, the web is trapping it. >> well,
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